For Aquariums and Terrariums

SeaView Background Mounting and Illumination Solution seals your background to your aquarium or terrarium, eliminating the refraction of light behind the glass resulting in a flawless, illuminated, 3D view of your background from every angle.

  • Easy to apply
  • Non-toxic
  • Works on acrylic
  • Easy to remove
  • Unaffected by salt creep
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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About SeaView

Brilliant Backgrounds exclusively from SeaView

SeaView offers many beautiful and unique aquarium backgrounds that will bring your aquarium to life! Your background will “pop” when combined with the SeaView Background Mounting and Illumination Solution.
SeaView Solution

SeaView Background Mounting and Illumination Solution

With over 13 years in the business and nationwide coverage, SeaView is one of the foremost aquarium and fish tank background and mounting solution companies in the world.


Clients About Us

“SeaView Backgrounds are the best on the market. My aquarium has never looked so good before. It’s a pride and joy of mine, and these backgrounds are worth it.”

Godfrey Griffin

“I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team.”

Matthew Shaw

“Say Goodbye to tape. SeaView is the ultimate adhesive for aquarium backgrounds.“

Richard Eaton

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SeaView Products are your Best Choice

SeaView thick double-sided backgrounds are made of premium quality materials and printing. They are available in 12 inches (30cm) 18 inches (45cm) and 24 inches (60cm) sizes. Our backgrounds are designed to work best with the SeaView background mounting solution. For more product information, please see the Backgrounds section of this site. If you are interested in being a distributor, please contact us today.

Latest Posts

SeaView will be at CIPS Show this Fall
SeaView will be at CIPS Show this Fall

SeaView is attending International Pet Show in Guangzhou this fall (The 22nd China International Pet Show (CIPS 2018) September 27-30, 2018, Guangzhou, China Import & Export Fair Complex With 22 years of development, China International Pet Show (CIPS) has become the largest pet and aquarium supplies show in Asia-Pacific region. CIPS 2018 is expected to have 1500 exhibitors in 120,000sqm show…

SeaView won an Award from PETCO Tradeshow!
SeaView won an Award from PETCO Tradeshow!

We are so proud and happy to announce that we’ve received an award at the PETCO tradeshow in California. Out of all pet products there were two awards to be won at that show: “Best Impulse Item” and “Best Overlooked Item”. SeaView won the best overlooked product and hit the shelves in 1400 PETCO stores Nationwide the very next month. It…

SeaView on YouTube – Thank you to all of our Fans Online!
SeaView on YouTube – Thank you to all of our Fans Online!

We just wanted to say Thank You to our supporting community on YouTube. Thank you for reviewing our products and for showcasing your beautiful aquariums. We really love seeing how amazing and strong our community is and we look forward to producing even more high-quality backgrounds for you!